A Facebook "Memory"

5 years ago...(as Facebook just reminded me,) I was running around a film set pretending to be the Warrior that I had always hoped to be. Believe it or not, "playing" infantry related roles actually made me feel as if I was finally getting the chance to live out that dream a bit.
Then....after a doing it more and more...I began to realize it was all just an extension of the "character" that I had been playing while in the Marines all along.
What it means to be a Warrior...that's a way of life, living by a moral code, a sense of duty to utilize your time on earth to benefit your fellow man, to advocate for the weak, be a voice for the unheard, and to stand up when others are sitting down.
A man doesn't need an external anointing force to be a Warrior...as the Warrior Spirit comes from within.
I....of all people, need to heed this advice...and embrace that inner Warrior...let the fire burn...and quit seeking the approval of others to deem me worthy. Yet, I do need to realign that compass and follow it due North to the path that Spiritual Warrior guides.