Update November 2016

Wow....here we are...in November. It's hard to imagine that my last actual blog post was in July. It seems like yesterday, and also a lifetime ago. So many things have happened since then, mainly our story "going viral." My posts largely being on the instagram platform and telling short stories on there, live updates to over 100k followers. It was easy to neglect my blog of only 2 dozen followers in order to update a global audience. Yet, the blog can tell so much more...and I want to get back into that process. 

Folks joined in with us in the Keys and followed us up the coast of Florida and through the panhandle, on west and up north through Texas and Oklahoma. A quick stop in KC, then packing up in Nebraska. A trip with my Nephew to the Dakotas, and then finally on to Colorado. We had planned heading to the Pacific Northwest to finish our cross country trek...but Cancer came back in Bella's mouth and held us up in Ft. Collins for 6 weeks as we treated that. Unfortunately...the day we packed up to head down to Denver for the weekend to make our final decision on where we would go next, whether we would stay in Colorado near the CSU Vet school, come back to Nebraska to be around family, or make our final trip to the west coast to let Bella run around the Redwoods and sniff the PNW coast line, would be our last "road trip." We only made it down to Denver before her lungs were finally, yet suddenly, too effected by the masses growing in them to properly breathe. 

I said goodbye to her early the next morning, and it broke my heart. As much as I said that I wanted it to grow my heart rather than break it...I suppose I didn't realize that it had to break first before it could mend. 

Now, here I am in Denver...wondering what will come next in this journey. I just purchased a new computer, so I can finally have an easier time writing blog posts, as well as editing photos. I have a few things planned, a few ideas in the air...and am looking forward to what comes next. Yet, before I get deep into typing about my experiences....about the loss of Bella, I wanted to type this quick post to check in with everyone and see if the new subscribe button is working and if people are getting e-mail notifications when I post a blog. I'd like to type more on my blog...but also want some reassurance that it's being read, and those who want to read it are being notified of new posts.

Therefore, please comment below if you received a notification for this. I appreciate you helping me out with this, and this will be motivation to encourage me to update my blog, my photos, and my entire site more often. I miss the days when I had more focus on building the site, as it was very therapeutic, and I was honestly proud to building something that I could call my own. So again, please comment that you received this...where you're from, and how you found the blog. I'm already thankful for your help in advance.

Again, thanks for everyone who's been along for the journey so far...it's only just begun.


Much Love,


-Rob K.