Thunder Rolls


After a long, hot day, there's lighting in the sky and my hair is blowing in the cool, steady wind.  

It feels refreshing, and brings back memories of younger days when I would  just stare in wonder at the night sky being lit up with dancing flashes of light. No cares in the world, not worried about who I was or would become just "being" and observing. 

The feeling in the air just before a heavy rain...the anticipation of hearing the awesome claps of thunder along with a heavy downpour of droplets so big you can see them splash when they hit the ground. 

And....I just heard the thunder as I'm typing this. It's not loud claps, it's deep rolling rumbles. Wait...I just heard a clap followed by a low subtle rumble. The rain has started hitting the roof of my 4Runner as I'm parked in the driveway because I don't want to stop watching nature's show. 

There's not many things as beautiful as a good thunderstorm. The only thing better, is to share the experience. Running through the rain, holding hands with your soul mate...singing and dancing. Or holding each other tight when the windows are shaking while you comfort the nervous pets and reassure your children that everything will be okay. After all, you're there to protect them. "You'll always be safe with me." It's hard to feel much more alive and connected with each other and this beautiful place called Earth. 

With that being said, I'm going to go inside and get my Bella dog, drive to the park, gaze up into the sky  through the glass of my closed sun roof, and just "be."

Happy Sigh.