I've often said I would like to go back through my Facebook over the last 2 years and migrate posts to this blog. This evening,  a friend commented on and brought back to life this post from December, 2014. I shared it on "Nebraska through the Lens" and the photo was 'liked' by thousands of readers. Sure, Likes don't truly mean anything, but it's nice to know you've told a piece of someone's story, spread some good in the world, and know that someone is reading. 


Original Post: 

Today, I was blessed with some great conversation  from my new friend, Pat. Pat and his wife, Jo, are both 85yrs old and they'll be quick to tell you that Jo is 2 weeks. 

They live across the street from the house I'm staying in. Today I walked over and  told Pat that I've seen him mowing his lawn and shoveling his walk and wanted to offer to help, yet I was aware that is what most likely keeps him in such great shape. He agreed with a smile as he pet my chocolate lab, Bella. Nonetheless, I told him to reach out if ever needed anything. Which of course, was reciprocated. "Anything you need at all, just let us know. Besides money." I couldn't help but laugh and assure him that I'd only ask for a screwdriver or a cup of sugar. 

When the mail came during our conversation I showed him how Bella could be of service and she took a mouthful of mail to Jo, who was sitting in the garage while Pat was working in the yard...before I interrupted him, of course. 

I couldn't help but notice a letter from the VA. This struck up a conversation and I got to hear the story of his service during the early 50's as a Radar Approach Specialist in the Navy. His training started in San Diego, CA, then to Corpus Christi, TX, and on to French Morocco. He was very grateful for such a great tour of duty. 

After his tour in Northern Africa he came home to his awaiting bride to be and became an air traffic controller in Indianapolis.  They later moved back to their home state of Nebraska where he taught High School math in Lincoln for 30yrs. 

Today, at 85, Pat is proud to still be certified as an Air Traffic Controller. 

What a great story. 

What a great man.

(I later printed and framed this picture and delivered it to Pat for Christmas…he tried to pay me. Key word "tried.")