-Robert Kugler

The Way I See It

Life has taken me on many journeys since my early days in rural Nebraska where I was born and raised by a hard working single mother of four. I've been able to share my adventures on social networking and have recently found a way to tell my stories through my photography. Most of you have joined in this story through the magic of my beloved Bella girl, and what a gift it was to share her with people across the globe. 

I've been a Marine, a Pre-K teacher, a SAG Actor, a Disaster Relief Volunteer, a Garbage Man, a Heavy Equipment Operator, and many others...but above all, I have learned that I am a creator and explorer at heart. If I can't do either of those I feel as if I can't breathe. I've been a bit of a perfectionist at most of the art I create and have never seemed to be satisfied with my artwork. After multiple life events changed my perspective on the world, however, I can see the results of this ever changing perspective through my photos, and I've been happier with what I see and feel with my photography than anything I've created. Above all, it makes me happy. 

Perhaps why it makes me so happy is that it's a way for me to express how I see what I see, a way for me to help tell my story and share my perspective. During my travels, I realized that photography was my way to bring others on my journeys by capturing the scenes and special moments and sharing them online. When I look back to where I came from, I'd never imagine I would be able to go the places I have...and that may be why I feel almost obligated to share with those who cannot see the places I'm visiting firsthand. More than an obligation, however, it is a passion. A passion that, as I'm learning, is actually a way of giving back that I didn't realize. My readers and followers have motivated me to continue, not only through their enjoyment of my photos and stories, but by reaching out to tell me that they have been motivated to get their cameras back out and capture the world around them. Some starting their own blogs and websites, some taking trips they'd always dreamed of, and even some slowing life down to appreciate the moments they have "now" with the Loved ones around them. These are all things I'm still working on myself, but I can't imagine a better motivator to continue than all of the positive reinforcements from all of you. For that, I thank you with all of my heart. 

You can often find me lost in thought and contribute it to rampant Attention Deficit Disorder. However, I like to call it Attention to Detail Disorder. I see many details, and I find them entrancing. I've learned to use my camera to capture what I'm seeing, and above anything else, it's soothing for me to print them and let them come to life on my wall and tell me a story. Perhaps you'll find something that tells its story in a way that connects with you. If so, go to the purchase page listed above.

I'm excited for this site not only to give people the opportunity to own some of my story telling, but also to have a collection point for my adventures and perspective to come to life. Follow the Blog to join the journey, I'm happy to have you along. -Rob K.