A "Good" Photo

One of my best indicators of a good photo, is when I look at the image and think: "This is my new favorite photo."

When I say "good," I don't mean to judge the quality of the photo as if I were critiquing my performance as a "photographer," but rather that I simply captured what I saw and felt would be an image of the world that I would like to share.

Many times, I feel like I see something...and it doesn't translate to the photograph. Sometimes, it's merely the lack of expertise of the equipment I'm using. I'm still learning, and though I may never become an expert, as long as I can capture a few photos that either convey a feeling, or give the viewer a sense that they themselves are right there seeing what I'm seeing, then I know I'm doing my job.

When I look at this lighthouse, I am happy because I believe that in sharing it...those who see it will feel like they are on the shoreline gazing over at Georgia's smallest lighthouse.

With my writing...I've been neglecting to give it the time necessary. Someone recently mentioned that I should focus on marketing my photography as words have so many restrictions. Yet, my writing has been so cathartic as I've been processing this new phase of life, this new chapter that I've been slowly beginning to see the story with a bit of clarity. Perhaps you could say the pages were stuck together...or the road was too bumpy to focus on the words well enough to comprehend a sentence.

That being said, I'm going to do my best to continue to take the time to write and share that more, along with a couple photos here and there, because this trip is about much more than me traveling with my dog to get cool photos. This is about me taking the opportunity to take advantage of a period in life where I have little commitments/obligations and seeing and learning as much as I can about our vast country, and more importantly, myself.

Selling photos...is merely the byproduct of the work that I'm hoping to do and lessons I'm aiming to learn. I'm not posting these photos daily to say: "Like my photos to feed my creative ego," but rather to say: "I'm seeing something incredibly beautiful and I'll do my best to share it with you."

Labels...I've never been good with labeling myself...Marine...that was easily defined, even as a Reservist, it was my most identifiable categorization in the American society. Am I a photographer? I'm not sure. I like to consider myself a "story teller" but I wonder if that's only more pretentious as if I'm faking humility. Perhaps it is a way of guarding in order to deflect criticism because I can always cop out. "Well I'm not really a photographer, so that's why the picture is mediocre quality..." A friend who coached told me of guys that would only put out 80 percent during practice or even games...so that when they lost...they could always say "If I would've given 100%, I would've won." Therefore, giving them the power to never truly feel defeated.

Again, I'm not trying to gain recognition through my photos or my writing...but I am trying to continue to grow as a person through all of this...and perhaps writing about that...is what will continue to nourish that growth, and maybe help a few others along the way.

With all of that being said...here's a tiny lighthouse...I hope you enjoy.

Cockspur Island Lighthouse, Savannah River, Georgia