Breathe...and Take a Journey With Me...

A friend recently turned me on to the Netflix Original series "Sense8" (from the creators of the Matrix Trilogy) and it's absolutely incredible. I'm not going to get into the specifics of the series, other than to say it's an incredible journey through the lives of 8 people from across the globe of varying cultures, races, religions, and sexual orientation. These 8 people, are all connected with a collective conscience. The cinematography is beautiful, and the look into so many different ways of life, yet each containing so many similarities... is amazing. Watching this series seems as if I'm getting to watch the entire human existence around the globe simultaneously. 

During the first episode, I heard the song that I will share below, and immediately knew that I wanted to hear the rest. I googled "Song from Sense8 Episode 1" and found an entire list of songs from each episode of the series. The artist of the song I was looking for, which was playing as a beautiful, young Icelandic DJ is taking the drug DMT aka "The Spirit Molecule," is Sigur Ross and the Icelandic title is "Dauoalogn,"  which translates to Dead Calm. I'm so glad that I searched it on youtube and found the official video. The view is incredible. When you watch it, please, I sincerely ask you to enter full screen and use the best set of headphones you have. Everything about this visual and audible journey is exactly the way I Love to look at this amazing planet that we live on. People imagine alternate realities, discovering other planets and exploring the strange, the unknown. I've learned that those can all be found right here...on our very own planet. From our own back yards to the far off reaches of other continents across the earth. This video resembles very closely how I see the world when I'm at my sharpest, most clear and present moments. Now, perhaps my biggest struggle currently is trying to embrace that, nurture it, and keep it at the forefront. I yearn to surround myself with people who see the world as such. Perhaps watching this video will inspire you, like me, to want to get out and truly LOOK and SEE the beauty of the gift we've been given. May the calm that flows over me whilst watching this soothe you as well.

So, without further mumbling from the link below and please, give it your full attention. Remember, full screen and headphones if you've got them.