Away for the Holidays

As Christmas approaches quickly, my mind was second guessing my choice to be traveling over the holidays and I began to feel a bit guilty for not being home to celebrate with family. I didn't even send gifts home this year.

However, rather than presents, I am happy to offer my presence. I may not be physically present with family or those reading this post, but I am present here, now, today. Along with my presence, I'd like to stock your stuffings with my happiness, and throw any resentment into the fire.

Rather than being a resentful troll, gazing out of the window daydreaming about a grand adventure, I'm out on it and I brought my 3 legged bestie with me. She says she wants to keep spreading her happiness, too. Either that...or she wants a treat, I'm not sure..


Thank you so much for understanding, and I'm grateful in knowing that you will be happier to hear the stories and see the pictures than receiving any gift I could offer.

Love ya, and Merry Christmas

-Rob and Bella