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US • May 7, 2019

Flatiron Books

AudioBook • May 7, 2019

Macmillan Audio

UK • March 21, 2019

Penguin Books

Germany • April 2019

Kosel Publishing

From the Author:

Thank you, so much, for taking the time to visit this webpage to pick which version of A Dog Named Beautiful is right for you! It truly is incredible, the power that a relationship between a human and his dog can have on so many people around the world. I believe that is because we can all relate with Love and Loss. It is a part of the life experience we all share, and if we peel back our superficial layers, we can see how similar we are underneath. I’m honored to share the story of many of the happiest and hardest times of my life, and my faithful Chocolate Labrador, Bella, who was my co-pilot, my battle-buddy through so much of it. Many thanks to the US team at Flatiron and Macmillan, as well as the UK team at Penguin, for bringing this story to the written page. This is indeed much more than “a dog book,” and I believe that anyone who has lived life on this earth will find material that they can relate to within these pages. It is my hope that in sharing our story, we can reach even just a few people who read a passage and say to themselves: “I thought I was the only one…” and to know that they, whatever it is they are going through in life, they are definitely not alone. -Rob K.