Early Lessons of 2016

Here's a look into the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 0640 on 01 Jan 2016

The first place which the sun can be witnessed to rise in the United States is from the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park in Maine. Though Bella can hike quite well on her 3 legs, the hike was reported to be one that could put her at risk for injury. As I've said, she'll go and go...and it's up to me to set her limits to keep her healthy. Therefore, we opted to camp cliffside and rise early to watch the Sunrise at our own leisurely pace. 

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out,) tried to sneak it's way in my thought process as I was dining in Bar Harbor last night and hearing of others' plans to hike the mountain and be a part of the small club that have been the first to witness the first sunrise of the New Year. However, I wasn't about to put Bella at risk, nor leave her in the car so that I could take part. 

This moment here, sitting on the cliffs and enjoying each other...was what I truly didn't want to miss.

Now, to be clear, these moments are not the entire story. I don't want to paint a false picture of constant tranquility and oneness with nature as I share this adventure with my best friend. Just after this Bella took off after a squirrel and about ran across the nearby road and my temper flared as I caught up to her, grabbed her collar and scolded her for not listening. Was I more upset at her for running off, or for the fact that I knew she should've been on leash and it would be my responsibility if she got hit by a car or flew off the cliffs chasing the dang squirrel? Most likely the latter. 

The look on her face seeing me upset reminded me of just how much work I have yet to do in 2016. The first step was to apologize to Bella for losing my temper, and the second was to forgive myself for being....simply human.

Her Majesty

After I apologized....we went on a short hike and found this.