Check out these hilarious Simon's Cat Videos, and make sure to subscribe to the YouTube Channel to keep the laughs coming. You'll thank me. ;)

If you've been on the internet even one time in the last 5 years you've seen the video of the talking dog. "The maple kind?!" "I fed it to the cat!!" However, did you know that the creator of this video actually accepts submissions of people's pets and you may be lucky enough for him to put a voice to YOUR animal?! Check him out, and browse through his many hilarious videos. Again, don't forget to subscribe.

This next link is a bit of a unknown gem that I feel will take off at any moment. "Talking Marriage" with Ryan Bailey is a fun satirical talk show created by a bud of mine from my days in the Groundling's Improv school in Hollywood, CA. Yup...I used to be kinda funny. Needless to say, this guy still make sure to subscribe to his channel and get onboard to watch his hilarious banter with an impressive list of celebrity guests.'s a little military humor, "Terminal Lance," tailored specifically to Marines by it's creator, Lance Corporal Maximilian Uriarte. For those that do not know a "Terminal Lance" is a Marine who does all 4 years of service and leaves as a Lance Corporal, E-3. Unfortunately, this is a common theme in the infantry, as it's one of the hardest fields to promote in within the Corps. However, Terminal Lances are some of my favorite fellas in the service and their humor is on an entirely different level. Just click the link to his comic strip and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. *Warning* Military Humor may not be suitable for all walks of life. If you want to take a deeper look into the mind of the creator, make sure to read his posts that tell the story behind his comic strips.